• Lawrence Lin

Voice powered medical record adopted in the fight against COVID-19

Beijing - Beijing based startup voice-tech Unisound has released a voice powered medical record to help doctors during the COVID-19 outbreak. It is currently being tested in Beijing's Xiaotangshan Hospital (first built during the SARS outbreak), which is used to specifically treat COVID-19 patients.

With heavy protective gear, it is inconvenient for doctors to type out or write down each patient's medical record. With this new tech, doctors simply speak to a voice-recorder to have their voices turned into written medical record which is then shown on a screen. With 98% accuracy, it saves 2-3 hours a day where doctors used to spend on writing medical records.

By eliminating physical contacts, this voice-enabled medical record can also help reduce the chances for cross-infection, given the virus' contagious nature. Microphone paired with this system is also designed to be antibacterial and anti-infective.

To ensure speech to text accuracy, the system has a record of over 500,000 medical concepts and over 1.69 million medical terms covering COVID-19.

Similar system is also developed by other tech companies such as iFlytek. The spread of COVID-19 has boosted the development of handsfree solution in the medical field.

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