• Lawrence Lin

Voice control elevator to battle corona virus spread

Hangzhou - Hangzhou based elevator manufacture XIOLIFT has introduced a voice controlled elevator in collaboration with iFlytek. This is to minimize physical contact and pervert the spread of the corona virus as people return to work in China.

Physical contact is a key route in which the virus spreads, and China's communities and office buildings have been offering tissue papers, toothpicks, or regular spray to keep potential virus at check.

The voice-controlled elevator works pretty much like a smart speaker, users can use its customized wake up word "Xiaoxi, Xiaoxi" and tell the elevator which floor to go to. You can also ask the elevator information in regards to weather, play music, and even play game with it.

The underlining technology used by the elevator is part of iFlyTek's open source touchless voice interaction solution, which was first launched in 2016. For elevators, iFlyTek offers both an online and offline solution that manufactures can add to their product and quickly develop a smart elevator product.

Offline supports voice interaction with up to 95% accuracy and depending on the location, can add location specific information. Once online, the solution provides accurate voice recognition to up to 21 local Chinese dialect and can access online information and broadcast them to users.

This comes as iFlyTek have already introduced its AI voice solution in hospitality, healthcare, conferencing, mobile, and home.

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