• Lawrence Lin

Tmall Genie provides mental health support amid coronavirus outbreak

Wuhan - Tmall Genie has taken a special role in the fight against the coronavirus by providing information regarding virus prevention and mental health supports.

As the epicenter of the spread of the corona virus in China, Wuhan has seen continues decrease in the amount of people contracting this deadly virus. "FangCang Hospital", which were temporary hospitals converted from sports stadiums and other public spaces to receive patients with mild illness, is beginning to close. Everyday patients are greeted by what is called "FangCang Broadcast" that provided tips on recovery as well as daily updates. With many of these patients being released and "FangCang Hospital" begin to close, the daily broadcast is also moving out of the hospital and into people's home. This task has been assumed by Alibaba's Tmall Genie voice assistant.

As more people move out of the "FangCang Hospital" and into their homes for further quarantine, the broadcast that was designed for the hospital is moving into the living rooms to further support these patients.

The public version of the "Fang Cang Broadcast" combines knowledge regarding virus prevention with news, music and audio books to create a holistic content experience. Special programs can be activated by saying "Good Morning Fang Cang" and "Good Night Fang Cang".

By saying "Xin Li Fang Yi (Mental Health Issue Pervention)" to Tmall Genie's smart speakers and displays, users will have access to recoded contents by professional medical personnels around the topic of mental health support in the face of the corona virus. The first book to be published in China around mental health protection in relation to the corona virus outbreak is also made available in audio on Tmall Genie devices. Qualified hospitals and "recovering stations" are also able to receive free Tmall Genie devices sponsored by Alibaba.

During this viral outbreak, Alibaba, and other virtual assistant providers, have experimented how voice assistant can unleash its social values. It is interesting to see how Alibaba is finding creative use cases for its virtual assistants.

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