• Lawrence Lin

Sogou releases new AI powered voice recorder

Beijing 26 February 2020 - Sogou, a leader in AI powered voice-tech, has released its AI powered voice recorder. The two new products S1 and E1 introduced at this conference is an upgrade to the C1 that was released in March 2019. It offers a "industry leading" speech to text of 98% accuracy as well as upgraded translation capacities and better sound pickup.

A key issue with conventional recorder is long period of recording that is difficult to backtrack afterwards. The S1 and E1 are equipped with automatic filing capacities that picks up keywords and recognizes key talking points to enhance user experience.

The recorders support speech to text for over 10 languages and 10 local Chinese dialects. Furthermore, Sogou has trained its algorithm to recognize terminologies in the field of Finance and trade, health care, IT technology, politics and law, culture and sports, to enhance accuracies for professional users.

Both devices also have simultaneous translation built in, a first in the industry. It also supports translation to 63 languages with offline support for 9 more commonly used languages.

A special addition in collaboration with the Forbidden City is also released.

The E1 is priced at ¥1298 ($186.28), the S1 is priced at ¥2698 ($387.2), the C1 pro is priced at ¥648 ($93).*

*Prices on US dollars are a reflection of direct currency exchange, not actual price sold in the US

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