• Lawrence Lin

Qingting FM joins Xiaomi to develop AIoT strategy

Beijing - Podcast and radio app maker Qingting FM has entered a partnership with Xiaomi to collaborate on Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) strategy.

In an internal memo to its employees, founder and CEO of Qingting FM Qiang Zhang announced that the company has received strategic investment from Xiaomi to develop AIoT strategy together. The details of the partnership is unknown but given its importance as a content producer, it is likely we will see more integration of its content across Xiaomi's vast line up of IoT devices.

Also in the memo, Zhang announced that in 2019 Qingting FM has reached 130 million monthly active users (MAU) and 25 millions hours of listening per day.

Qingting FM is one of China's largest podcast and radio applications who competes directly with another of China's giant, Ximalaya. Qingting FM has a standalone mobile application and can be access on most smart speakers.

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