• Lawrence Lin

Oppo launches smart watch with own voice assistant "Breeno"

Beijing - Chinese smart phone giant Oppo has just released its first Smart Watch, Oppo Watch, equipped with its own voice assistant Breeno. This is the first time Breeno is used on an IoT devices and it comes with 13 voice activated features.

With Breeno, users can control the Oppo Watch touch-less. By saying "Hey Breeno" users can have access to payment, weather, make phones calls and more. You can also get key health data such as calories burnt, miles ran, heartbeat rate while exercising, an important area where voice command is more convenient than touch.

By first introducing Breeno on its smart watch, Oppo is preparing to expand its voice assistant into more IoT uses. At last year's developer's conference, Oppo has expressed its plan to expand into more scenarios and devices.

Breeno was first launched in 2018 which is key to Oppo's Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) strategy, and will act as a center points connecting IoT devices, wearable technologies and connected car. Oppo joins the already crowded field of Chinese voice assistance and will be interesting to see which direction Breeno will take and whether or not it will make a serious impact on the market.

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