• Lawrence Lin

Douyin (Tik-Tok) trying live audio in new testing feature

Beijing - Douyin (Tik-Tok) has launched a new beta "Live Audio Dating" feature on Android and not yet on iOS. Tik-Tok has already been recruiting live audio hosts internally for this beta feature

Following audio entertainment startup Lizhi's IPO earlier this year, and planned IPO by its competitors, audio based entertainment has gained its popularity and attention by industry leaders. Therefore its not surprising that Tik-Tok has begun its experiment in this industry.

Tik-Tok's live audio feature will cover contents such as singing, talk show, audio book, audio classes, etc. The feature now joins live video, live gaming as the third live category.

Tik-Tok has already enjoyed success with its live video features as it help create a sense of community around its application. Last year Tik-Tok released its social media app "Duoshan" which has been unsuccessful since its launch.

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