• Lawrence Lin

A look at AIWAYS U5 voice interface

Shanghai - AIWAYS is a Shanghai based electric car start-up with a focus on bringing A.I. to the driver experience. Here is a look at some of its new and interesting voice features on the U5.

Starting with the mobile app, drivers can customize welcome messages that will greet you once you enter the car. Drivers can also customize the voice of their assistant to better fit their liking.

To make the voice experience more fluids and conversational, the U5 is designed to eliminate wake-words in certain scenarios. When asking about updates such as weather and traffic conditions, U5 will recognize the content of the conversation and continue without having to use a wake-word for each interaction.

To improve on the conversational nature of the entire experience, the U5 also allow drivers to speak even while the car is responding to a previous command. It recognizes the new command and alters the result accordingly. There is also no need to wait for the car to respond after the wake-word is said. It will also recognize drivers and passengers depending on who is speaking.

Apart from controlling infotainment and in-car feathers, the U5 assistant also draws information from surrounding areas to provide a more complete service to the driver. The U5 can also hold a conversation with the driver while driving and record voice memos to its mobile app.

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