• Lawrence Lin

70Mai launches e-bike with voice-assistant built in

Beijing - 70Mai, a e-bike startup part of Xiaomi's eco-system has launched a e-bike with voice-assistant built in.

The e-bike has Xiaomi's Xiaoai voice-assistant built in and will have access to all of its regular features. Riders can have access to music, GPS, news by voice and can control their smart home devices from their bike.

Integrating voice-control can enhance rider safety while providing convenience. Its GPS system is co-developed with AutoNavi (Alibaba's navigation application) that features e-bike specific use-cases. It will also recognize roads and directions that are not suitable for bikes to help bikers avoid dangerous paths. Directions are shown on its 6.86 inch display.

There is also a camera built in and users can use Xiaoai to take photos.

The bike is now undergoing crowd-funding on Xiaomi's e-commerce platform Xiao Mi You Pin with a starting price of ¥2999 (about us $423.92).

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