About Us

The China Netcasting Service Association is China's only industry association for the field of internet video and audio, and one of China's largest industry association for internet companies. The Voice Committee is China's only association that focuses specifically at the field of voice-technology and smart audio. Our members ranges from leading tech companies, IoT providers, service providers, national radio stations, as well as all key players in this industry. We believe that the future is voice-first and we work closely to help facilitate the development of this market.


Our Work

Industry Research

Every year we publish a report on the state of the voice-tech industry in China that covers important developments, successful funding stories, government policies as well as outlook into the future of the industry. Our report comes from direct interview with our member companies as well as our notes over the years. This year's report will be published around May 2020 and will be available in English for the first time. If you are interested to request a copy of this report please write to us here.


The China Internet Audio & Video Convention (CIAVC) is China's largest industry summit for the field of Video and Voice technologies. From just a small workshop three years ago to a full day of voice, we are seeing the importance of Voice-Technology as it begins to take center stage.

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Industry Standard

A key job for the CNSA Voice Committee is to work with our partners to better facilitate the development of the voice-tech market. One way we are doing so is through setting industry standards with our member companies that will enhance consumer experience and make cross-platform innovation more accessible.